Another Walk Around Town

by breavman99

What would it look like to walk 32 kilometres–20 miles–around town? Today, it looked like this:

walk june 2.jpg

It wasn’t the most exciting walk, I’ll give you that. I walked out to the east end of the city and ate a sandwich. Then I walked to the south end and drank an iced latte. Then I headed north again, towards home. Along the way, I saw lots of birds and flowers and rabbits and gophers, and even more tent caterpillars. In some places, the sidewalk is black with their droppings and the trees have been stripped bare.



If it’s not the most interesting walk in the world, why do it? The answer is easy: I found out last summer what happens when you attempt a big walk without getting ready for it–you have to quit early because of blisters and exhaustion–and I don’t want that to happen this time. So I walk all over town, hoping the kilometres will make a difference when I’m on the road in two weeks.



I ran into one of my colleagues, Craig Melhof, and we chatted briefly about what I’m up to and what he’s doing. And a young fellow at Starbuck’s–a pipefitter, originally from Ottawa, who likes living in Alberta better than living here because of the mountains–told me to make sure I take good pictures with my camera. I’m doing my best, although sometimes I know I need to take more time composing the shot than I do. I’m always eager to get walking again.



Once again, no blisters, which is very encouraging. And I made it home before the thunder started! What else could you ask for?