Walking to the MacKenzie

by breavman99


Christine pulled me away from my reading this afternoon. “We were supposed to go to the MacKenzie, to see the Punk Orientalism show,” she said. That’s true; we were. So we laced up our boots and went for a walk. It’s overcast and snowing a little, but we enjoyed the soft grey light and the frost gathering on the branches.




The Punk Orientalism show is very good, although I have to admit that I don’t know enough about that part of the world to get the references. I did like the video about the donkey that cites Robert Bresson’s Au hazard, Balthasar, though, and the other video about the tightrope walker ferrying works of art between two countries.




The café at the MacKenzie is closed for the holidays, so we walked over to a coffee place on Hill Street. I had my new camera with me and kept stopping to take pictures. While we were drinking our coffee, I figured out how to get my camera to connect wirelessly to my phone and posted a photo on Facebook–a minor accomplishment. Then we walked home: seven kilometres altogether. My sore foot hurts, but it was good to get outside for a change. Now, back to work.